Dr Arthur Nasis

Cardiologist and Cardiac Imaging Specialist
Committed to Improving Your Heart Health

Dr Nasis’ clinical work in all aspects of cardiology is underpinned by a strong record of research and academic achievement.

He has relentlessly strived for excellence in all his academic, research and teaching endeavours, which he believes form the foundation for achieving optimal patient outcomes

Dr Nasis’ approach to every clinical encounter is underpinned by three fundamental strategies:

Evidence-based investigation and management
Patient-centred and personalised care to meet individual needs
Education-focused to
optimise understanding

Associate Professor Nasis is an academic cardiologist whose research findings have advanced our understanding of the interpretation of stress echocardiography in individuals with previously inconclusive results and helped establish the role and utility of CT coronary angiography in chest pain assessment.

Dr Arthur Nasis’ Academic & Research Output

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