24-Hour Holter (Rhythm) Monitoring

24-Hour Holter Monitoring is a Painless Test

A Holter monitor is a small, wearable device that records the electrical activity of every single heartbeat for a continuous 24 hour period. This test is performed to assess the cause of symptoms such as palpitations, dizziness or collapse, and can identify the presence of abnormal heart rhythms (i.e. arrhythmias).

To apply the device, a cardiac technologist tapes several electrodes (sticky dots) to your chest which are then connected to the recording device via several leads. 

Once the device is applied, you can undertake your usual daily activities, however please do not shower, bathe or undertake water sports while wearing the monitor. If you experience any symptoms, please press the "event" button (the top button on the device) so we can correlate the symptoms with your heart rhythm at the time.

The sticky dots can be removed by yourself after wearing the device for 24 hours, following which the device is returned for analysis by Dr Nasis.

State-of-the-Art Rhythm Monitoring

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