Dr Arthur Nasis consults patients with the full spectrum of cardiac conditions and symptoms, as well as asymptomatic patients who attend for a heart health risk assessment to determine their risk of heart attack and other heart disease. 

His particular areas of expertise are:

Dr Nasis’ approach to every clinical encounter is underpinned by three fundamental strategies to lead to the best possible outcomes. Firstly, his approach to diagnosis and management is always evidence-based. Secondly, his care is patient-centred and personalised to meet the individual’s particular needs. Finally, he provides relevant education to optimise understanding of the condition being treated and to enhance likelihood of adherence to treatment. This often includes lifestyle changes required to prevent development or deterioration of disease, include dietary and exercise modifications, avoiding certain activities, and maintaining a healthy weight.

All referrals to Dr Nasis are triaged for urgency, however your referring doctor is encouraged to contact Dr Nasis directly if an urgent appointment is required, which he will attempt to facilitate within 24-48 hours. In addition, he Dr Nasis is fluent in Greek and can conduct consultations in Greek, if required.

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