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Dr. Nasis in Action

Every year between May 3-9 is Heart Week. It’s a time when healthcare professionals are encouraged to engage with their patients about their risk…

A/Prof Arthur Nasis, as Chair of the Cardiac Clinical Network at Safer Care Victoria, is quoted in a news article explaining how for the first time, population-level linked health data have been used to identify evidence-based practice gaps and unwarranted variation in care of patients with heart attack and arrhythmia, and how this information is used to drive improved quality or cardiac care and better patient outcomes.

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This week is Heart Week, which began on Monday, 3 May and ends on Sunday, 9 May and is an opportunity for healthcare professionals to engage with patients about the risks of developing cardiovascular disease and the way to lower the risk.

Melbourne cardiologist and Monash University researcher Dr Arthur Nasis, has researched a new technique to improve diagnoses of coronary heart disease.

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Sweating it out in a sauna appears to be good for the heart: a Finnish study of more than 2000 men that found steam-enthusiasts live longer.

Cheese lovers, the news you’ve long been waiting for has arrived – that evening wedge of brie could now be considered a healthy snack option after all.